Place Clock
Imagine a clock that knows where you are.
A clock that remind you based on your location
and count the time you spend at differenet places.


The Place Clock application is designed as an improved and extended alternative to the iPhones standard clock app. It provides all the alarm, stopwatch and timer functions as the clock application does, but adds location based alarms and functions along with extended snooze options. This allows you to set reminders when you arrive, leave or get within a specified distance to a place of your choice. You can also set location based stopwatches and timers to measure the time you spend at a place or to get a an alert after spending a preset time there. The app is fully background compatible and has a minimal impact on the phones battery time.

Here are some examples of what you can do with Place Clock...

"this app is really cool and the location features definitely work"
"overall, it feels like something that Apple designed themselves"
"Almost all of the functions are unique to this app"
"The more you use this app, the more possibilities you see"

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