Some common support issues...

Advanced snooze options

If you are wondering about the advanced snooze options here’s some help:

Auto Shorten

With this option active the snooze interval will shorten for each time the snooze button is pressed. If the interval is set to 15 minutes the length will be 15, 12, 9, 6, 3, 3, 3... minutes in length.

Flexible Length

With this option active you can actually set how long the next interval should be when the alarm triggers. It can be set between 3 and 60 minutes. This is useful for daytime reminders and is set by default for place alarms.

Max Snooze Count

With this option you to can set the max number of times you are allowed to press the snooze button. After the set number has been reached the snooze button will not be presented as an option when the alarm sounds.

Max Sound

By setting the max sound you can get a different sound when the max snooze count has been reached. Use this in combination with a soft sound on the alarm followed by harder sound when you can’t snooze any longer.

Min Snooze Count

This is the opposite of max snooze count. If this value is set then you are not allowed to turn off the alarm until you have snoozed for at least the set number on this option. You can for obvious reasons not set the min count to be less than the max count.

Awake Challenge

This option is for those who turn off their morning alarms in their sleep. With it active you are presented with rather complex brain challenge before you can turn of the alarm. The alarm will not be switched off until you get it right. The difficulty of the challenge can be set in tree steps.

Place alarms does not trigger as expected

It is currently not technically possible with the iPhone to make place alarms 100% accurate and to guarantee that they always go off. If correctly used you can however expect better then 95% accuracy. There are several reasons for the unaccurary...

Poorly placed places

If you don’t take care and place the places you create correctly on the map with the right radius you will quite naturally not get the best possible result from the app. The app will do its best to second guess you, but it has it’s limits. For optimal results, the place and its radius should cover the entire “indoor” area of the place as well as the part of the “outdoors” that covers the entrance.

Unreliable cell-positioning

The Place Clock app tries to use cell positioning instead of whenever possible to save battery time. Cell positioning is however at the present rather unreliable on the iPhone and its function can vary with your location. If you have severe problems with place alarms not going off, you should first check that your places are correctly placed but if that does not help you can switch of cell positioning in the apps settings. Be aware however that this will increases the apps power consumption considerably.

Phantom location updates

The iPhone's location algorithm does occasionally go slightly mad and take your phone on imaginary phantom walks. This can lead to false triggering of place alarms. We do our best to identify correct from false positioning updates and will work to improve this even more in the future. If this happens to you allot at certain places you can if possible try to place your phone in a window for better GPS coverage.

Prevent battery drainage

The iPhone GPS receiver gobbles battery as candy. Keeping the GPS running will drain the iPhone 3GS battery in roughly 3 hours and the iPhone4’s battery in roughly 10 hours. The Place Clock does however not use the GPS unless it has to and this even if place alarms are set. With typical usage battery time should not be a problem for you. If you however get problems with battery drainage try the following...

  1. Avoid having arrival based alarms set for long times within 3 km (2 miles) from places that you spend alot of time at like your work or your home.
  2. Avoid having departure based alarms set for long periods.

No alarm sound on muted phones

A common wish by our users is to have the alarm sound even if the phone is muted. We would of course do this if Apple allowed it but they don’t with technique we are using. Other available techniques can not guarantee to 100% that the alarm will go off since they rely on the app being alive in the background.

Why both a “Close” and “Turn Off” button

When the Place Clock triggers alarm in the background you will get a message with both a “close” (The text will vary based on the phones language setting) and a “Turn Off” button. Basically you should not use never use the close button since it will only temporarily stop the alarm. The current iPhone SDK do not allow us to remove the “close” button.

Other issues

If you have other problems with the application or if you want to report bugs or suggest improvements contact us at support@ocoomo.com.